Certified Healthy Houses

Even before the United State Green Building Council (USGBC) rolled out their requirements for LEED Certification, the American Lung Association (ALA) knew the value of building well-ventilated, low-humidity homes to decrease asthma, allergies or lung disease. For this reason, the ALA created Health House builder guidelines to help ensure healthy, durable, and energy efficient homes.

Phinney Design Group collaborated with Capital Construction to build these two homes that are some of the first certified “Healthy Houses” in upstate New York:

Built in 2004, this was the first certified “Healthy House” by the American Lung Association in upstate New York. Orientation, window placement, and careful geometric planning drove initial considerations which were supplemented by heat-sensitive, mechanical venting, radiant systems and high-velocity air conditioning. Incorporating all natural materials (either salvaged or with recycled or recyclable content) with heat-recovery ventilation and a 94% efficiency boiler allow low energy use and high indoor air quality. See a photo gallery of this house.
This home, certified as a “Healthy House” in 2006, is environmentally conscious both inside and out. High performance windows, a sealed combustion fireplace, roof mounted photovoltaic array and high-efficiency air filtration systems are in place to support low energy use. The home is built with sustainable principles, techniques and materials making it durable, low maintenance and energy efficient. Read more about this house.